Welcome to The National Center for Independent Media

What We Do

The Center helps legacy print publications shift from print to digital

We are a consortium of publishers developing a cutting-edge system for media membership. It will be the first Open Source system to handle print subscriptions as well as engagement with web visitors, email newsletters, and tracking of potential donors and advertisers.  All in one unified system.

It's a matter of survival

There will continue to be a tragic "die off" of trusted, long-published magazines if they don't have the tools to enable them to compete.

These journals must find new ways to build revenue and increase engagement with their digital audiences. It's literally a matter of life and death.

We won't live in the past

We cannot accept that the best years are behind us... that the great journalism we created over the decades will now be found only on eBay or in used book stores.

The next generation must have Internet access to the award-winning writing we published... and will continue to publish... if we have the necessary resources.

We believe the answer is to work together to create the first "Media Membership in a Box" system that is Open Source and free of charge for any publication to integrate into their website.