Supporters and Partners

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

In the summer of 2017, Washington Monthly and American Heritage Magazines received a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to “advance the future of journalistic excellence by supporting planning efforts for a shared resource strategy and collaboration among leading publications to support their transformation from print to digital.”  

The research and planning accomplished during the grant period led us to organize the Center as a formal structure to pursue collaborative efforts among publishers. 

We are grateful to the Knight Foundation for its support.

The Institute for Network News

The Institute for Network News (INN) has agreed to act as a fiscal sponsor for the Center in the development of CiviMEDIA. Formal agreements are being finalized.

INN is a collaboration among nonprofit newsrooms dedicated to serving the public interest. Their community of over 100 nonprofit media organizations shares best practices, collaborates on stories, pools resources and receives cutting-edge training in professional, organizational and business development.  


CiviCRM is the largest open source CRM system, installed in over 11,000 organizations worldwide. Its leadership has agreed to work with the Center to develop CiviMEDIA

Joshua Govans, its senior project manager, writes that, "CiviCRM excels at nonprofit and membership-based data management and sees an opportunity to enhance both by incorporating new functionality related to media subscriptions. Like all such improvements in an open source project, the functionality is community-driven and implemented, producing features that are based on real world user needs and that are available to all users of the software."

"Based on our research and current user data, CiviCRM believes that improvements to subscription management would have a significant impact across a number of current and potential users," writes Gowans.