A Crisis in Publishing

An existential threat to print journalism

Serious journalism -- quality, long form essays written by professional journalists -- faces an existential threat from, with competition from websites of click bait, 60-word stories, and/or news that is not to be trusted. 

In addition to the fight for attention time, legacy print publications often face subscription prices declining in real dollars, reduced outlets for single copy sales, and collapsed advertising revenues both in print and online.

A "news media crash" around the corner?

In addition to facing pressure on revenues, print journals must now create expensive technology solutions in order to compete. Small and medium-sized publishers simply don't have the resources to build anything more than ad hoc and inefficient systems.

If steps aren't take, we could see continued "die off" of trusted journals that readers have benefited from for generations. Josh Marshall, founder of TalkingPointsMemo.com, recently predicted an imminent "news media crash, only no one is willing to say it."

Our answer is to work together

The Center will pool the resources of multiple publications to build new digital tools to help evolve from print to digital, while not throwing out the print journalism that many readers still want.

The circulation managers, webmasters, and publishers of our magazines will work as a team to prioritize and design the necessary components to the new system.