CiviMEDIA: Open Source “Media Membership in a Box” for CiviCRM

We are starting with a robust, Open Source CRM

Our system will plug into CiviCRM, the most widely used open source CRM system, used by 11,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide including The International Red Cross and Wikipedia Foundation. So it has a large, worldwide community of developers continually improving it.

CiviCRM works with multiple website content management systems (CMSs) including Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.

CiviMEDIA will be a totally new module

We will create a unique and valuable media membership system by building a module to integrate with CiviCRM, taking advantage of extensive systems already built and adding new publisher-specific components on top of them.

When publishers integrate this system into their websites, they will be able to create the engagement tools and revenue generation systems necessary for survival.

CiviMEDIA will be Open Source software so that hundreds of magazines could potentially utilize it.

Why we're different

A print publisher has very different needs from websites that are digital native.  We need technical but important tools such as source code tracking for results to promotional efforts, gift memberships, or tracking by expire issue.  

Publishers need different accounting reports including accrued revenue by issue and deferred subscription liability.

Also, some publishers need circulation audits for advertisers certified by ABC or BPA.